Winter 2007 Magazine Reading List


With winter already upon us, you may find yourself anticipating those lazy afternoons when the weather is a little too crisp to venture outdoors, a great time to make new plans for your home. For many, now is the time to make magazine subscription choices for one's own delight in the new year, or for another's pleasure as a gift of appreciation.

Have a look at our list before making your own:

Shelter Periodicals, Inc.'s Shelter Interiors is a design magazine with articles discussing textiles, furniture, art, gourmet foods, and travel. One or more tours of historical or contemporary homes are usually featured. This collection of all things beautiful and of all things pleasurable is a testament to those with a taste for perfection. Visually, Shelter floods the reader's eye, at times overwhelmingly but never enough to discourage one from trying again and again to understand one's own reaction. And when the reader understands that total comprehension is the result of faith and endurance, one finds a new dimension of pleasure in all things beheld. Shelter corroborates the readers' own evolution of style as expressed in their surroundings and on their person.

Veranda is an interior design magazine for readers with an interest in historic architectural styles. Where Shelter Interiors addresses one's personal style, Veranda holds true to the vintage tastes of the homeowner or architectural style of the house in presenting furniture, entertainment, textiles, jewelry, food and homes. Its vast resource directory of vendors helps the homeowner locate and select the products, appliances and textiles that assist refurbishing projects in proceeding smoothly to a successful end.

Taunton's Inspired House magazine, though no longer published on a monthly basis, remains a great resource for planning your next remodeling or refurbishing project. The Taunton Press continues to produce books under the Inspired House name, and back issues of the magazine can be ordered from the web site for as long as supplies last. Articles explain, in layman's terms, how to judge the quality of materials, how design can affect the "look and feel" of a room, how to freshen up a room (or the house) by changing one feature, and how to bring down the cost of a project. Floor plans and diagrams are used throughout the magazine to illustrate spatial and placement designs. Inspired House also features buyer's guides to kitchen cabinets, oriental rugs, down comforters, window dressings, exterior doors, and other products to enhance both the appearance and comfort of your home.

As the winter progresses, we at Northwest Eddy will continue to bring to your attention magazines and books that will inspire you to create new projects for yourself and your home.

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