Financing Basics

What is Escrow and Why is it Needed?
An escrow is an arrangement in which a neutral third party (the Escrow Agent) assembles and processes all of … read more

What is Title and Why is it Needed?
Title is a bundle of rights in real property. Protecting purchasers and lenders against loss is accomplished by the issuance … read more

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): What is it?
Private Mortgage Insurance is a term that many of us have often heard, but may have questioned its meaning or value … read more

How Credit Report Errors Can Prevent Your "Home Run."
Scenario: You apply for a mortgage; your mortgage lender receives a credit report full of errors … read more

Homeowners Insurance:
What should you look for in a policy?

A homeowners insurance policy is a "package" of coverage designed to cover financial losses which may arise … read more

Loan Qualifying Standards
Our intention is to provide our clients with enough background information to help them understand the basics … read more

Discount Points
Lenders make their profit from the interest paid (yield) on the loans they underwrite. This yield is typically determined … read more

With the advent of so many creative lending programs for the consumer real estate market, it's important … read more

Applying for a Veteran's Loan
In robust areas of the real estate market, it's very important for buyers to have their funding in place … read more

Veterans Affairs Loan Eligibility: Qualifying Details
VA loans are attractive to borrowers because the underwriting standards are far less stringent than conventional … read more